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15. March 2014 20:41

Finding a reliable babysitter can be a daunting task. Where do you look? Who do you call? And what happens when the sitter you do have goes on vacation?
30. January 2014 14:30

Keeping kids busy is the key to providing enjoyable babysitting services. A prepared sitter will have several ideas ready to help with this sometimes-difficult task.
30. January 2014 14:15

A good bedtime story can be the best part of your night routine, often instilling a positive message that will be remembered years later.
30. January 2014 14:00

Read on to discover some of the best mobile applications. We chose them based on their educational content and their abilities to match kid's interest levels.
29. January 2014 13:00

Let them experience the good feelings that come from seeing a smile from their actions. As they become older, allow them to think of ways they can volunteer on their own.
29. January 2014 12:00

Read on for seven of the best educational sites for kids. These are fun, educational, and free.